The Charity

Kids Help Phone is a Canadian and world leader, known for their expertise and continuous innovation as Canada’s only 24/7, bilingual professional counselling, information and volunteer support service for young people. Since 1989, Kids Help Phone has offered kids, teens, and young adults a critical lifeline of hope and support through their free, anonymous service, which research shows significantly improves youth mental health. Young people reach out to Kids Help Phone from every corner of the country via phone, Live Chat, their internationally-recognized website, and through their confidential volunteer-led texting service (available nationwide by the end of 2018) in addition to having access to a database of local youth-serving programs. Kids Help Phone is a registered Canadian charity, and raise the majority of their revenue from individuals, foundations, corporations, and community fundraising. Thanks to their generous donors, Kids Help Phone can work to achieve their vision of a future where every young person in Canada will access the support they need, in the way they need it most.

All proceeds raised from DICE will directly go to support Kids Help Phone.